Before the start of the season SECSGO Regional Series West we present our brand new player squad in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We have fully loaded and are ready to compete for a place in the Elitserien.

A completely new line-up - but with a lot of experience.

Last spring, the club decided to release all players as free agents. The club then began a recruitment phase and last week it finally became clear which new players the manager would be David Engberg will have in the squad. All the players come from Full Kareta and competed in the SECSGO Region Series West during the spring.

Carlstad Kings Esports Club CEO Lars Andersson

With many years of experience as a player and a long time together, we see incredible potential in this team. I really think this season will be the best and funnest yet!

- Lars Andersson, Sports Manager & CEO

Jonas "BigBag" Andreasson - Spider in the web.

Jonas has long been a competitive esports player, with victories in several leagues and tournaments both in Sweden and internationally. He has successfully participated in arena competitions, winning the League of Schools finals during Dreamhack in the summer of 2018.

Last season Jonas played in the Regionserien for Full Kareta and will shoulder the responsibility as IGL in the coming season.

Any special challenges you had along the way to where you are today?

Teams falling apart, time taken from real life when choosing to bet.

- Jonas Andreasson

Spelarbild på BigBag

Alexander "1frasse" Fransén – a positive fan in the team.

Alexander played for Full Kareta during the spring season in the Regionserien, where his team finished in sixth place. As an AWPer, he was one of the best on the team in terms of stats like K/D ratio over the entire season. He is known for being positive and is seen as an important morale booster for the team.

What motivates you in your role as an esporter?

To develop as a person, player & have fun along the way!

- Alexander Drotz Fransén

Spelarbild på 1frasse

Jonas "Ayes" Åslund – a stable foundation from previous experiences.

Jonas has long and solid experience in esports, where he has previously competed in various teams such as Granit Gaming, Marskalk and La Familia. As a team, they have been ranked 62nd in the world and 4th in Sweden. Jonas recently played for Full Kareta during the spring season.

He was formerly an IGL but is now a Rifler.

What are your strengths as both an esporter and a person?

Experience in esports. Competitive and perfectionist.

- Jonas Åslund

Spelarbild på Ayes

Hannes "Humpsy" Bladh – always gives 100%.

Hannes is a passionate esports player and has played in the current setup for one season. Prior to this, he has represented Dragonborn Esports. As his greatest achievement, he has won a tournament organized by Gamereactor. He is a highly motivated player who always gives his all to win, no matter the challenge.

Have you encountered any challenges that marked you in reaching where you are today?

The biggest challenge I have faced is when I injured my cruciate ligament and needed surgery. It made me quit soccer and start playing CS more seriously.

- Hannes Bladh

Spelarbild på Humpsy

Jonas "Lunden" Lundin - is optimistic about the future.

Jonas hasn't done any great things yet, according to himself. But he promises it will come. He has won an award in the form of IQ Fuel through the Region Series, but he is hungry for bigger wins. As a supporter in the team, he is an expert in team chemistry and cooperation.

What is your biggest motivator as a CS:GO player?

It's the usual thing, the feeling you get when you make a nice shot and pull a clutch. As well as when one's teammates hype one.

- Jonas Lundin

Spelarbild på Lunden

Jonatan "Zarose" Larsson – from Valorant to CS:GO.

Jonatan is the player who ends the team's presentation. He has previously played for Prima eSport in the esports title Valorant, but he also has a long track record in CS:GO. Jonatan is primarily a support player, but can also take on the role of entry fragger.

What is important to you?

That everyone in the team feels good and has fun is priority 1, in addition to that, team chemistry is important! If you look outside of esports, college, loved ones are important.

- Jonatan Larsson

Spelarbild på Zarose

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