With 7 games played since the beginning of September, just over half remain in the autumn SECSGO Regional Series West. Unfortunately, 3 teams have left the series (awpmainx2, Skyline Gaming and Whalers). Here, in Carlstad Kings, we see the need to bring more organizations with a serious agenda into SECSGO. To ensure continuity and give the divisions a greater stamp of professionalism.

The series result so far - good chances to reach the playoffs

The series premiere was played against CaZa (Overpass: 16 – 11) on September 5th, who then moved on to compete in the East region. Followed by a match day with a double encounter where we took a clear win against Karlsson's Angels (Inferno: 16– 7) but found it all the more difficult in the second match of the night against The decadence (Inferno: 11 – 16). Branda Almonds where we confidently played for another 3 points (Overpass: 16 – 11).

GoodFellas is one of the tougher teams to face and is tipped as one of the favorites in the series. Despite that, we had expected to be able to offer more than we did, the match ended with a really heavy loss  2 – 16 on Overpass.

Ella Elle LA they are also a skilled team to say the least with a number of strong names in their line-up, but at least we managed to record some rounds. In addition, the match featured some colorful performances from, among others Alexander “1frasse” Drotz Fransén. Final result 4 – 16 on Overpass. As the second match and the end of the evening, we met Tones and I on Inferno, where after steady pace for most of the match we finished well with 16 – 11.

Second half of the Regionserien

The chances of reaching the playoffs look good so far. But we need to maintain a good and continuous performance during the rest of the autumn matches.

Scheduled matches during October and November are available through spring CS:GO section or SECSGOs own website, where all the teams' planned and played matches are also available.

In addition to scheduled broadcasts by SECSGO or any communitycasters, we will broadcast matches via our PLAY service. In addition, the Monday matches will be commented by none other than Emilijan Vuletici.

Interviews and highlights.

We will launch in the autumn interviews and other highlights in the form of content made exclusively available to members of the supporters' club Carlstad Royals. Keep an eye on the opening of the membership registration!