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New collaboration with Färjestad BK

Now it is clear that the Carlstad Kings enter into a collaboration with the SHL club Färjestad BK!

After much waiting, we can now confirm a collaboration with the SHL club Färjestad BK! This is a big step for esports in Värmland and we are honored to be trusted to work with such an iconic team. Before next season eSHL Carlstad Kings has been given the responsibility to lead Färjestad's eNHL team.

We have long discussed with FBK about collaborating to increase the public's interest and commitment to the sport. I am more than happy that we are finally joining forces for the future!

Our commitment to continuous improvement, upholding our values and striving for professionalism is always at the forefront of everything we do. For me, this collaboration is proof of how good we really are!

Lars Andersson, CEO & Director of Sport for Carlstad Kings

Färjestad's esports manager about the collaboration and the future.

How do you see the collaboration with Carlstad Kings?

As I see it, we are now taking the next step with Färjestad Esport. With the collaboration with Carlstad Kings, we are raising the level considerably in everything around the team. Carlstad Kings steps in and takes overall responsibility for the team. What we are getting now is a complete team management that will really make it easier for the team. My goal has always been that the team should spend its time on training and playing matches, not on planning and administration. I am extremely happy that the Carlstad Kings want to join our Esports journey.

How do you think the collaboration will affect esports in Karlstad/Värmland?

Carlstad Kings are well known both in Karlstad and Värmland, so we will reach out to more people, of course. We want to broaden interest in FBK Esport both locally and nationally. Together with Carlstad Kings, there are all the conditions to take the next step, also in terms of interest.

What are your expectations for eSHL Season 4?

There are many good teams in the eSHL this season. I expect an even and exciting season where several teams will be there at the end and settle for the gold. We have a strong team this season as well, so expectations for FBK Esport are high as usual. We want to be at the top.

Matthias Westman, Färjestad's esports manager

A well-known profile assumes the role of team leader.

We wanted to bring in a manager with a lot of experience, so it was natural that we contacted Linus "The Hockey Professor" Forsberg. He is a familiar face to many eNHL and hockey fans, especially in Sweden, and he previously played for the Carlstad Kings in the European league platform (ECL). We are delighted to have him on board!

How does it feel to once again be a part of the Carlstad Kings, and this time as Manager for FBK's eNHL team?

It feels interesting and exciting. It felt very natural, as I have previous experience from similar roles in regular ice hockey. The fact that FBK esport has been one of the best teams in Europe since its inception and the "Swedish team" that has performed best at the highest level made the decision quite easy. It will be very exciting to see if together we can take another step towards the top.

What are your expectations for the upcoming eSHL season?

It cannot be understated that both I and the players hope to get our hands on the eSHL trophy after being close a couple of times. It is of course an incredibly tough task, but I absolutely think the potential is there.

It is important to have a structure behind it such as the export team.

In addition to managing the team in the upcoming eSHL season, we will also use our skills and resources to assist the players with details that enhance their performance as esports athletes. Our goal is for this experience to give players new perspectives and chances to grow both in terms of their playing ability and as individuals.

We will also manage live broadcasts of matches that are not shown on TV4 Play and More.



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