Plays in ECL Lite.

Carlstad Kings were promoted to ECL Lite ahead of the upcoming season in the eNHL (NHL'22) organized by The end of the winter season in ECL Core had an abrupt end with a loss in the second round of the playoffs, which meant that the chance of promotion was small. But due to the team's performance during the group stage and the fact that a number of teams declined their places, it is now clear that the team will play in ECL Lite.

Recruitments in several positions.

A number of signings have been made during the pre-season. Then Oliver 'Pappeen' Papmehl-Dufay, Lukas 'Gudinge' Gudinge, Jesper 'Mellanspel' Johansson and Niklas 'Nikbacker' Bäcker left, the squad has been strengthened with a number of interesting players.

Along with last season's Linus 'HockeyProfessorn' Forsberg (C), Toni 'Taaninen' Laihinen (LD) and Alexander 'Therozz94' Axelsson (MV) we find Olof 'Hockeyulle' Strandberg on the left edge and Tobias 'Pettersson_19' Pettersson on the right. Olof Strandberg, who last played for HV71, has a great creativity in his game. Together with Tobias Pettersson, who is also a highly creative player, we see greater potential for the team than last season.

On the back side reinforces northern Daniel 'Haligax' Norgren. A stable back with both defensive and offensive qualities.

We have spent a lot of time finding the right recruits for this season. And I can say right now that the team we worked on is a team that will be incredibly fun to watch, and that has the potential to dominate in its group.

- Lars Andersson, Manager

If you want to know more about the eNHL team, we recommend that you visit the Hockey Professor's YouTube channel. In his latest episode, he talks about the Carlstad Kings team and what it means to have an organization behind you.