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The club's


Was founded

Carlstad Kings Esports Club was founded by Lars Andersson in Karlstad. Then under the name ProZium Esports.

March 2020

Carlstad Kings

Now the club changed its name to Carlstad Kings Esports Club and work on building a proper structure began.

January 2021

Most esports titles

At the beginning of the year, a total of 5 teams were leading in as many esports titles. More than the club previously had. However, these were slimmed down to the 2 teams that are run today.

January 2022

Cooperation for the future

The club's first collaboration, with Färjestad BK. Where Carlstad Kings manage FBK's eSHL team.

December 2022

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The club's


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

SECSGO Region Series West
3rd place in the Basic Series, Autumn 2022

League of Legends

The Northern League of Legends Championship, Division 5
1st place in the Basic Series, Autumn 2022
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