The Northern League of Legends Championship

Carlstad Kings has since the end of last year recruited players to start a competition team in League of Legends. With little time left before qualifying NLC and Leagues.GG The squad was determined at the end of January, which will represent Karlstad in one of the biggest sports titles in the world.

With changed conditions from the game developer regarding the arrangement of leagues and tournaments, Karlstad will only be represented in the NLC in 2022.

We have had plans to start a League of Legends team for a long time, as it felt like a natural part of an esports organization. What I have seen of the team gives me a very positive feeling for the future. I'm also incredibly happy that we contracted our first female player, and just to League of Legends! We work to change the tough attitude in esports and make the environment more welcoming for women, where we see that there is a lot of competition potential.

- Lars Andersson, CEO

Expectations for NLC Spring Split '22

Pontus Rydström has been active in the team management since the end of November. During the month of February, he worked hard with the team's chemistry, where he shouldered both the role of manager and head coach. With good results, the team now enters the NLC Spring Split '22 where the chances are to get to division 3.

- You have been the team leader and coach for the newly established team that will represent the Carlstad Kings in the League of Legends, how does it feel to finally be in port with the team line-up? And what does spring look like for you?

It feels really nice. It has been a tough and long work to get a team together that has both the ambitions, the potential and the right attitude to succeed. A compliment to our Top laner and team captain Spoodersussi V2 who was on this trip as the first player we contracted. He has gone through months of trial play to help form the best possible team. The spring will be full of NLC matches, scrims, tactical training and team building. We aim for the long term and the goal is not to be successful this spring but next spring. The players have been given different roles and responsibilities and we are currently testing what works best for which person.

- Pontus Rydström, Head Coach

The team was assembled as late as the beginning of February

Muhanad 'Spoodersussi' Sharad is a player who has been with the team since December. He has also stepped in as captain of the team which now consists of five regular players and three reserves.

- You join the team as Captain, what are your expectations for future challenges? And how do you see your chances before the upcoming qualifiers and league games?

I expect the team to work together and work hard to win every match. When we lose, we should discuss the mistakes without anyone blaming each other and just focus on how best to win. We will win the most matches and we will learn from both wins and losses and then win more.

- Sharad 'Spoodersussi' Muhanad, Team Captain

The remaining regular players consist of
Jonathan 'Frojze' Schoultz Carlander, born in Värmland from Karlskoga,
Felix 'Fezzry' Geivald from Ingarö in Uppland,
Bratasnu 'Mandruta' Anda Iulia from Romania,
Nibras 'Nibbe' Khan resident in Stockholm.

In addition to this, three reserve seats are also filled by Joel 'CringePojkeN' Johansson, Esteban 'Sw1nq' Lobos and Peter 'Wolf551' Masso.

Sharad 'Spoodersussi' Muhanad

Jonathan 'Frojze' Schoultz Carlander

Felix 'Fezzry' Geivald

Bratasnu 'Mandruta' Anda Iulia

Nibras 'Nibbe' Khan

The team communicates in English during matches and training

Bratasnu 'Mandruta' Anda Iulia comes from Romania which requires the team to communicate in English. She is also the first female player that Carlstad Kings has contracted, and hopefully this shows the way for more girls to take the step into esports.

- You are the only international player in this new team constellation, what are your expectations from the team, and what is the reason you chose to represent Carlstad Kings Esports Club?

My expectations are to continue playing in this friendly but professional environment in order to improve; for players to be respected and also respect each other; to work as a team to solve issues and for players to actively try to maintain good communication. I chose CKESC because of the open-mindedness of our coach and the good organizing of the tryouts.

- Bratasnu 'Mandruta' Anda Iulia, Player

Simon Källström takes over the position as Manager


The organization has today decided that Simon Källström joins as Manager of the League of Legends team and works closely with Pontus Rydström who will focus more on his coaching role for a period.

Simon Källström most recently came from having been Manager for Rocket League and is seen as an experienced resource when it comes to administering and developing an effective way of working for the law.

The matches in NLC will be broadcast

Do not forget to follow the team's path to success in The Northern League of Legends Championship Spring Split '22. The second match in the series will be played tomorrow Sunday at 16.00 Swedish time, and as usual it can be seen via spring PLAY SERVICE or the most popular streaming services.