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A real tear-jerker for the NHL, but a setback for Rocket League!

A real tear-jerker for the NHL, but a setback for Rocket League!

Two weeks into the new year have passed! Carlstad Kings Esports Club kicked off the year by starting the spring season NHLGamer.com ECL Core Division. Also, something has happened within the Rocket League section.

Carlstad Kings Esports Club puts Rocket League on hold

After the past season of The Swedish Rocket League, despite a better performance than in Season 5, the club has decided not to extend the contracts with the players and thus release them as free agents.

We have made this decision partly because some players have chosen to leave, and that the structure for organizations within the Swedish Rocket League is almost non-existent, which needs to be worked on in order to develop the Swedish player pool and the environment in general. We will put Rocket League on the shelf for a while, to review possible solutions further down the line.

- Lars Andersson, CEO

Still great potential

Carlstad Kings Esports Club sees continued great potential within the title, with a high entertainment value. The Swedish Rocket League is a good concept with a well-developed division system, but needs to be restructured based on more serious players. This is to bring out the more professionally focused players and organizations.

Split the Swedish Rocket League into two parts

Carlstad Kings Esports Club believes that a division of The Swedish Rocket League had been useful for the development of the Swedish Rocket League scene, where one part is similar to the national division system that can be seen in traditional sports with requirements for organization numbers and contracted players. The second part consisting of inspiration from what is popularly called The raven, where a team of friends who want to compete at a hobby level can participate.

Carlstad Kings Esports Club thanks Zinnky, Trappo, Hayabusa, Haxwéll and Ikeda for their time at the club and wishes them the best of luck in the future!

A year has passed since we entered the Rocket League title with our first roster. This journey has been lined with lots of lessons, joy, excitement, personal development, but also ups and downs of course.
Despite this, we have come to the conclusion that the best thing right now is to put the title on ice - but promise that we will return to Rocket League more dangerous than ever.
In the meantime, we will put more focus on our other existing teams and those that are under construction.

- Simon Källström, Manager

Kick start for NHL team, participating in NHLGamer ECL Core

NHL team has had a busy schedule in the first few weeks of 2022. The performance has been stable, in 14 games there has been only one loss, and this in overtime. Despite the fact that the team was only nailed down shortly before the start of the season, the work has continued with a good development curve.

One analysis done is that the tackles stat is the lowest in the division, which has seemingly not affected the results so far.

With 4 meetings left in the group stage, the team is in 1st place with 23 points, closely followed by Gleumes Hockey Krefeld.

The next meeting is held Tuesday the January 18 at 8 p.m, shipping will take place this spring PLAY service.

Latest results

ERSC Amberg eSports – Carlstad Kings (3 – 6)

Carlstad Kings – ERSC Amberg eSports (5 – 1)

Yellow Jackets – Carlstad Kings (2 – 3)

Carlstad Kings – Yellow Jackets (2 – 1)

Carlstad Kings – Kärkirysty (3 – 2)

Kärkirysty – Carlstad Kings (5 – 4)

Marshalls – Carlstad Kings (2 – 3)

Carlstad Kings - Marshall's (7 – 2)

Carlstad Kings - Old Primates (4 – 3)

Old Primates – Carlstad Kings (2 – 8)

Taikina – Carlstad Kings (FF – W)

Carlstad Kings - Taikin (W – FF)

Immortal Street Dogs – Carlstad Kings (0 – 1)

Carlstad Kings - Immortal Street Dogs (4 – 1)



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