End of the season.

Ours CS: GO team completed the basic series in ESEA Open on Wednesday. With 9 wins and 5 losses, our team has placed 83rd among all competitors. However, many teams still have matches left in the regular season before it ends on June 12. As a result, the position is likely to change, but we are guaranteed a place in the playoffs.

The first round will take place on Thursday 16 June. The game schedule will only be announced when the regular season is over.

Gr1p3n and JEFFSSON leave.

David 'Gr1p3n' Olsson and Jeff 'Jeffsson' Karlsson who has been in CS: GO team since the start 2021 will leave the organization at the end of the summer. Carlstad Kings thanks them for their time and effort and wishes them both good luck in the future.

We are of course interested in both Jeff's and David's thoughts.

"You have been with us from the start of the team in the summer of 2021. How has the time been, what do you take with you and what are your plans for the future?"

Time has been VERY instructive for me and I have grown as a person enormously, I have had great fun and gained memories for life and I will take with me everything I have learned. It's so much so I do not know where to start! My plans for the future are that I will give everything in school and get done with it and start gym again.

- Jeff 'JEFFSSON' Karlsson

It has been very fun, I must say. The time has also been instructive and I have also had the honor of getting to know most of the people in the team and the organization. So it is very positive I take with me into the future. Among other things, how to manage a group and try to find solutions to work as effectively as possible towards the common goal we had. Getting to know mental coaching also helped a lot for my playing, so I will also take those pieces with me to strengthen myself as a person.

Plans for the future are not entirely clear. But there will be more focus on my career as an engineer and the hopes are to work abroad within a few years, which I have long dreamed of. I will also focus my free time on training instead of playing, as I have some goals that I also want to achieve on that front. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in some way in my time at Carlstad, it has been worth its weight in gold. I also wish you all the best in the future!

- David 'Gr1p3n' Olsson

We have started recruiting replacements and still receive applications continuously. Are you interested? Contact us via our contact form, Social Media or discord.

What we can offer you who are dedicated to putting in the time it takes to reach your goals.

  • Mental Counseling
  • Personal Training Schedule
  • Personal Dietary Advice
  • Structure / Routines / Objectives
  • Marketing
  • Streaming
  • A fantastic future

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